Dunkirk Crescendo  The Zion Covenant Book 9

Dunkirk Crescendo The Zion Covenant Book 9

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This description covers #7 London Refrain, #8 Paris Encore, and #9 Dunkirk Crescendo. These three additions to the Zion Covenant series are “director''s cuts.” They include portions of the Thoene classic The Twilight of Courage and thrilling, never-before-published scenes with the characters you''ve come to know and love. Readers will finally know the fates of Jacob and Lori Kalner from Warsaw Requiem and meet for the first time David Meyer from The Zion Chronicles, plus Madame Rose Smith and Jerome Jardin from The Zion Legacy and, most importantly, Rachel and Yacov Lubetkin, the heroes of The Zion Chronicles series. Study questions included.  Bodie & Brock Thoene