Her Rebel Heart  - Hearts Of Honor Series Vol 1

Her Rebel Heart - Hearts Of Honor Series Vol 1

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Christina Stiles is left to fend for herself and her two young children while her husband Orville goes off to fight in the Confederate army. She also has to deal with two rogue Union soldiers who ransacked her house, stole her food, beat her, and left her for dead-and keep coming back to cause more trouble.

Jack Fuller is a God-fearing Christian fighting for the Union. When a Confederate who is critically wounded asks him to deliver a letter to his wife, Jack agrees. But when Christina sees Jack, she assumes he's one of the Union trouble-makers and shoots him. After he explains the purpose of his visit, she decides to take him into her house and nurse him back to health.

What will happen when Christina discovers Jack is the one who made her a widow? Will her rebel heart forgive him-or finish him off?  Sharlene MacLaren