Pray 21 - Believe. Belong. Become. Be.

Pray 21 - Believe. Belong. Become. Be.

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There is an identity crisis among Christian teens. They don’t know who they are in Christ. They do not fully understand that their Heavenly Father actually owns the palace. If they did, they would understand their position. They wouldn’t be living in spiritual poverty.

Helping young believers see themselves as sons and daughters of the most high God through Jesus Christ is the greatest gift we can bestow upon this generation. It’s the only way to end the identity crisis.

This three-week experience brings young people and a spiritual mentor of their choice into a 21-day prayer partnership that changes lives and entire churches.

Young people will walk away understanding that God really believes in them; they matter to his plan. They will finally learn what it means to belong, so they no longer have to fake it or try to fit into this world. And they will gain the confidence to experiment with their faith, risk failure, and become who God designed them to be from the very beginning of time.

Break the bondage of low expectations that trap this generation in their spiritual identity crisis.