The Golden Angel - The House of Winslow Book 26

The Golden Angel - The House of Winslow Book 26

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She Wouldn't Let Anything Stop Her From Pursuing Her Dream

For Erin Winslow, living in untamed Africa is an adventure, yet she longs for even more excitement. A pilot unexpectedly enters her life , and she persuades him to teach her to fly. Before she realizes it, she finds herself falling in love with him. But when the discovery of a devastating truth leaves Erin deeply hurt, she flees to America.

Erin hopes to nurse her wounded heart and find a job as a pilot. When no one will hire a woman, she finds work in a café. That's where Quaid Merritt, stunt flyer, steals into her life, reigniting her dreams to fly.

She and Quaid travel across America, thrilling crowds with daring aerial acrobatics. When Hollywood producers come calling, Erin has some important decisions to make—about Quaid, and about her future.  Gilbert Morris