The Power of I Am. Two words that will change your life today. Hard cover

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen shares the secret that Oprah said "changed her life": Transform your destiny by changing what you say about yourself. I AM. What follows these two words will determine the course of your life. When you speak about yourself, what do you say? The direction you''ll follow in life begins with these two simple words. If you have a powerful I AM, you will carry yourself with a quiet confidence. It''s time to stop criticizing yourself, and instead discover your inner strengths, your natural talents, and unique abilities that will make you prosper with self-assurance and success. With insightful advice, encouragement, and a list of I AM''s to declare everyday, THE POWER OF I AM will transform your self-image, help you invite the right things into your life, and redirect your life''s course onto the road of confidence, assurance, and success.