The Unreasonable Jesus.  Becoming The Person He Made You To Be

The Unreasonable Jesus. Becoming The Person He Made You To Be

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Just about everybody likes Jesus…sort of. Christians adore him. Muslims respect him. Even Jews think he has interesting things to say.  If only Jesus didn’t have a habit of being completely unreasonable.  Join author Thomas Christianson as he explores some of Jesus’ more demanding expectations of his followers. In The Unreasonable Jesus, Christianson describes with warmth and wit his journey attempting to live out some of Jesus’ most unreasonable requests.   Christianson walks readers through the Sermon on the Mount, one of the best places to meet Jesus at his most unreasonable. And along the way, readers are drawn into a richer, more fulfilling life.  Each chapter of The Unreasonable Jesus includes: • An intensive look at a bite-sized section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. • Practical, doable actions that layer Jesus’ unreasonable requests onto everyday moments, converting them into opportunities for joy.  • Reflection questions that explore Scripture to reveal Jesus’ inspiring true character. Rounding out Jesus’ message with personal stories and humorous commentary, Christianson reminds us that with Jesus, everything is possible—even the unreasonable.