Who Moved My Church?  Hard cover

Who Moved My Church? Hard cover

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How would people respond if they showed up at church one Sunday morning only to discover someone or something had actually, physically moved it? Undoubtedly, they would go out and find it! And that's what four unforgettable characters from Who Moved My Church? set out to do! But how they go about locating it and then how they respond once they find it is so different, you'd never guess they attend the same church. Ultimately, Nappa's parable will spur church attendees to tackle one of the enduring questions of Christian history: How is the Church to interact with culture? The question is all the more pressing for pastors and laity in light of dramatic and rapid changes taking place in society on what feels like a daily basis. Humorous, entertaining, and thought provoking, Who Moved My Church? will be the center of discussion in homes, small groups, Sunday-school classes and churches everywhere.